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Services & Solutions

Design & Installation

We are well versed in the installation, service and rehabilitation of Direct Digital Controls (DDC), pneumatic as well as various electric/electronic temperature control systems. We are Johnson Controls factory trained for DDC, electronic controls including Variable Frequency Drives (VFD/VSD) and pneumatic controls installation, commissioning and service.

Our main focus is installing and servicing Johnson Controls Facility Explorer DDC Energy Management Systems in retrofit applications and/or new construction. We have engineered, installed, programmed, commissioned and optimized hundreds of these systems. System surveys, design or retrofit consultations and detailed test/inspect services are also available.

The Facility Explorer product allows the end-user to monitor and control an array of equipment (via BACnet, LON, MODBUS, etc.) through a common web-based graphical interface, the Niagra Ax Framework. Our system programmers are Tridium Niagra AX certified.

All new work is backed by a one-year guarantee on all materials and labor.

Service & Maintenance

Custom-tailored service contracts are available and are normally offered toward the end of the guarantee period on new installations. Often the focus of these contracts is on the various (DDC, pneumatic, etc…) energy management systems, which helps the service to pay for itself in energy savings.

We carry an extensive inventory of DDC, electronic, electric and pneumatic controls. We also stock and sell many hard-to-find repair parts.